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HollerD's end grain ButcherBlocks are the most durable type of wood cutting board out there. The end grain design allows you to cut in between the fibers instead of across them and makes them very easy to maintain. Lasts a lifetime.

Each butcher block is constructed of locally sourced, responsibly harvested lumber; most of which originates from the Alexander farm located in Cainsville, TN. The land, which has been part of the family since 1829, supplies us with a variety of lumber which we then mill ourselves in our very own sawmill: CowBlade Sawmill. We take great pride in utilizing lumber sourced from the family property. Each block is hand selected for its unique character and finished with food safe mineral oil. Each board also features our HollerDesign signature bowdock circular wood inset with its “born on” date.


Current lead time on this product is 4-6 weeks.